Should I buy a new Barratt home on Brooklands, Milton Keynes?

Or to put it another way, should I dare risk buying a new build Barratt home anywhere?

The first of hundreds of new build houses are going up on Brooklands in Milton Keynes, comprising a range of two, three, four and five bedroom homes, and as the not so proud owner of a property located on a Barratt development just across the street from Brooklands, I am watching the construction gear up with a sense of deep foreboding for the poor wretches who will shortly begin moving in. Little do they realise, that if the Barratt new homes for sale on the Brooklands development are built to the same appalling standard as the one I presently occupy, then they are in for shock when they take ownership of their supposedly high quality, well-built property.

Of course with the improvement in the housing sector, new Barratt developments like Brooklands are springing up all over the country, but it will take the potential new home owner only a few minutes to verify that the reputation of the national construction industry is in tatters, so please do not just take my word for it. The Review Centre site, as of time of writing, rates Barratt Homes 1.7 out of 5, and has a host of horror stories I am all too familiar with. The Dooyoo site also reviews Barratt, with a 1 out of 5 rating at the moment. There are plenty of other sources of comment and review on Barratt Homes, such as Facebook, so I would urge you to take full advantage of the information freely available on the quality and customer service offered by this builder. For those looking for a quick review of our personal experience of buying a Barratt home, you can find the post here.

Over the coming months, I will be posting the tale of our five year nightmare of dealing with Barratt Homes’ build quality. We have experienced leaks, creaking floors, crunching tiles, terrible paintwork, shoddy workmanship and very poor customer service from Barratt. Naturally I would strongly recommend that you avoid them like the plague, but if you are intent on buying a new house for sale off plot, I hope the accounts of our experience of buying a Barratt home will arm you with the right questions and approach to dealing with a building industry that I firmly believe places profit before people. I’ll also do what I can to offer any useful advice on buying a new build home.

Certainly if you are considering buying a new house on the Brooklands development in Milton Keynes, I would think very carefully before signing a contract with Barratt; you will be in the hands of their Northampton office, and as I all too able to attest, the customer service offered is extremely poor. You will likely be entering into a long and fraught relationship as you embark on the potentially epic job of snagging a Barratt home. Regardless if you are moving up the housing ladder, or a first time buyer, you really don’t want to have to endure this.

I imagine it entirely likely that Barratt legal representatives will be perusing this blog, so let me state this is of course a subjective account of my experience. It is however based on a 2 dozen page letter we sent to the CEO of Barratt, a Mr Mark Clare. This letter resulted in a face to face meeting with senior representatives of Barratt Homes. My first question to them was, did the letter I sent represent an accurate account of our experiences. The answer was yes. I would therefore suggest that Barratt think very carefully before attempting to put any pressure on me to remove elements of this blog, as they themselves have already vouched for its accuracy.


32 thoughts on “Should I buy a new Barratt home on Brooklands, Milton Keynes?

  1. Well too be honest buying a house from Barratt homes is not advisable at all its just a waste of money! before Sale they are very friendly also when you book for the Plot they answer all your queries only before up to exchange and start neglecting as soon as we do the exchange and force the customers to use there solicitors and mortgage advisor’s and they never offer any paper or any booklet saying what’s included in a sum of prise you pay to buy a house and also they are very clever only try to communicate with the customers on phone rather than on email very disappointed with there construction.

    When you ask for any change they come up with Prise guide as Upgrade.

    Also thanks for hosting this blog, I am also planning for the same and seo it in Google.


    1. Thanks for your kind comment and hope this blog was of some help. If you’ve had a poor experience from Barratt I would definitely encourage you to share it online. Barratt have the SEO options pretty tightly controlled with some many pages of their own and links from other industry sources, but the more people put up content and the more we inter-link, the greater the chance that potential buyers can be made aware of the potential horrors that await them. Let me know when your blog is live and I will gladly link to it.


    2. I also live in a barratts house but would never advise any one to buy we have promised leaving a fence in front of my property for privacy now they have built a property so close to my detached property it has become open plan with no thought to safety for children on the estate also we have been flooded out and barratts accepted no responsibility and cost me over a thousand + to rectify. I agree they offer the earth to get u to buy then then don’t care what happens after we have had a miserable two and a half years in our property. We are so tried of speaking to managers and writing to directors for help but none coming just beware and get everything in writing which was our mistake after thirty years of happiness in our old home to now live in hell


  2. I recently wrote about the party walls and insulation of my porch in my David Wilson home. But what I forgot to add, perhaps because we have lived with it for so long, was the creaking floors, the toilet not connected. The problems with the shower system. Worst of all the lack of sound insulation of the outside walls. I wonder whether the type of air block used by this company causes the problem or is the cheap and shoddy construction the problem. I was also told recently that Barratts bought out David Wilson and I was asked to contact them with regard to previous complaints. I however received the same treatment from Barratts customer service who denied responsibility for my David Wilson Homes property. I believe that Barratts and David Wilson are one and the same.
    With regard to the NHBC, an alternative must be found to protect the consumer.

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  3. I worked for a company trade fabrications ltd. All windows installed are sub standard they fitted for DWH. No proper glass fitted, just standard units, I feel sorry for people who buy from them


  4. I purchased a house built by Barratt homes and they forgot to put a fake chimney on my roof. They are now telling me I will have to have scaffolding on my house for over a week while they carry out the work. Its going to involve a crane and builders on the roof for days. I don’t even need a pretend chimney. I’m wondering whether they have breached any kind of planning laws? I want to be compensated for their oversight. I’ve been in my property for a year and they are only just fitting it now. Makes me wonder what else they might have ‘forgotten’ to install during my home build. Beware of Barratts.


  5. I would not reccomend barratt holmes to anybody going from lovely customer service throughout the first few weeks then getting our deposit and almost forgetting us! Me and my boyfriend moved in in december 2015 and we have had a lot of problems, after weeks and weeks of phone calls explaining myself everytime and speaking to what seamed like 100 different people our snagging list got done 8 weeks after we moved in. Even to this day things aren’t perfect but after 3 new washers, our kitchen was flooded, mould all over the kitchen skirting boards, our 3 bathroom floors being stuck back down 3 times and having 3 new kitchen floors put in and (waiting for a 4th kitchen floor now) i’m fed up of waiting for ‘someone to ring me back’

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  6. I would highly recommend buying a Barratt home. From meeting Claire at the show home (Washington,Tyne and Wear) I was treat extremely professionally but with a very friendly attitude. The buying of the new home was made so easy as Claire handled everything. Nothing was a problem. During the build I was kept informed of all the developments taking place. I was introduced to Steve and Lewis on site and they looked after me and my new home with a very professional and helpful attitude. Once I moved in, the lads on site could not help me enough. The home was beautiful and finished to a very high standard. I could not be happier living here. Lewis still keeps an eye on everything and asks if everything is still ok and that I am still happy. Not only do I have a wonderful new home that I love, but the service before, during and after moving in has been exceptional. Lewis,Steve Claire and the whole team from Barratts have made sure my home was perfect.
    I am sorry other people seem to have had problems – but my experience has been brilliant!


  7. Hi, I am buying 3 bed house at phoenix quarter , Dartford. Any comments for this site pls?
    I am now bit worried after reading about Barrat Homes quality.
    I am signing contract in few weeks time. (Sep 2016)



    1. My son and wife are also buying on the same site. Problems so far have been bullying about not using Barratt’s mortgage provider or solicitor, threats to sell the house to someone else if their survey not done on time, different house to the one they were buying, after deposit taken then told no, carpets, wardrobes etc not provided unless you pay, cant have BT on site – have to have Barratt’s own cable provider, and today have found out the garage is leasehold!!


    1. I really can’t say. We had a dreadful experience and Barratt were still acting very badly 6 years later, refusing to comply with instructions to fix things by the NHBC. Others I am sure have got though the process unscathed. I think the best advice I can give is to go in with your eyes wide open. Let them know in no uncertain terms that you are aware of the pitfalls and will be watching them like a hawk. Record everything in writing, it is vitally important you report any problems within 2 years to be sure the nhbc will support you. Best of luck.


  8. My friend bought a Barratts House from new a year or so ago. Her experience has been dreadful, including poor communication and lack of customer care. However, the really awful things include drains not being connected, leaking roofs, incorrect boundaries, un-tanked garage (which is too small for her very ordinary 10 year old car anyway), collapsing walls and incorrectly pinned roof. They refuse to apologise but are slowly dealing with some of the issues but she is very unhappy with the company.


    1. This sounds like the Barretts site I live on in Cornwall, I thought the 5 years warranty was wonderful… But when it really matters, like the mortar mix is incorrect and the stone work is falling off because it is sub standard. The roof has been constructed in correctly , metal roofing straps not fitted in to the cavity walls and screwed down, just a hand full of cement( Hand Print including ) hiding the bodged work. Missing DPC … I was the first family to buy in our close 28th June 2013 lived in a builders mud and rubble 24/7 paid the full asking price… snags yes , I don’t like but I expect it, nearly 4 years on and they are paying for some home owners to have survey to identify the structural defects, But will not for me… they know I have so many problems.
      The effect it has had on my health is unbelievable But Barretts do not care..
      Just can’t warn people enough who are thinking of buying A New Nightmare.


      1. Julie

        Have you looked up a company called property defects? They specialise in sorting out developers and insurance backed warranties.

        Good luck



    1. We have bought a 3 bed house at that site and to be honest. It’s a shithole ohf a company. No BT you have to use some other private cable company. The houses are fake. Floors crackling. It’s stressful to be honest.


  9. I bought a Barratt property in June and after 5 months the snagging list has not been completed. I have been through all sort of problems, a leak in the bathroom floring not levelled, heating not working etc. The quality of the material used to build is very low! I would never raccommand them to anyone! #barrattdisgrace


  10. I agree just purchased a Barratt new build in leicester. Never again lies lies lies. Once they have your money you are on your own customer care is a joke.


  11. My son and wife are also buying on the same site. Problems so far have been bullying about not using Barratt’s mortgage provider or solicitor, threats to sell the house to someone else if their survey not done on time, different house to the one they were buying, after deposit taken then told no, carpets, wardrobes etc not provided unless you pay, cant have BT on site – have to have Barratt’s own cable provider, and today have found out the garage is leasehold!!


  12. Think long and hard before buying a Barrett home. My two sons bought Barrett homes at blunsdon mead Swindon the workmanship is awfull. Dry lining looks like it’s been put on with a catapult all the finishing are generally very shoddy .when you complain to customer care they send another useless cowboy and treat you like there doing you a favour .The contracts manager told us it’s perfectly acceptable to see all the joints on the dry lining they all come there and fob you off with total bull sh– very disappointing. Very unprofessional.


  13. ADVICE

    Barratts Senior Management and the Brooklands Development, Milton Keynes:

    We are currently suing Barratt Homes via the Small Claims Court procedure, for Misrepresentation. You do not need a solicitor and the cost is negligible.

    If you are having problems and have contacted Barratt Homes to give them the opportunity to fix the problem and a) they’re unresponsive; or b) they have attempted fixing the problem, but failed, then write another letter to senior management informing them that if the problem(s) are not permanently rectified in a timely manner, you will refer the matter to the Courts.

    In any event, you need to keep everything in writing. Don’t just call the Customer Care team because as many of you have seen for yourselves, you just get into a never-ending cycle of telephone calls which never yield results; and having spent 6 months and more on the end of a telephone, and countless days off work, you have nothing on record.

    If you do need to telephone, keep a log of dates and times you called, along with the person’s name and a call reference number.

    Barratt Homes will bully you into submission, if you let them. There comes a point when you need to say ‘No!’ I’m going to take control of this now. But you need evidence: emails, letters, peoples’ names, dates and times.

    Barratt Developments Plc is the full name of this company; they also own David Wilson Homes. The members of their Executive Committee can be found here:

    and their regional directors can be found on the same website here:

    If you want to send an email to any individual or the whole of this group of people, their email address will be like this: For example, we wrote to

    Brooklands development in Milton Keynes’ Sales Director is another senior manager; her name is Alison Raine and you can email her at

    The point is that you must put everything in writing. It’s a pain, but you will be in a far, far stronger position and will get a conclusion much sooner.

    One final piece of advice: if Barratt Homes ask you ‘can we set up a telephone conference to discuss all of these problems you’re having?’, tell them no, unless that telephone conversation is formally recorded and a transcript is given to you.

    Don’t be afraid to involve these senior people. Write to all of them, if you like. Make a fuss. Make a noise. Shout it from the rooftops. They’re people, just like you and me; and they are the people accountable to you and responsible for your hell-home problems.


    1. Hi Jayne
      Very interested to read your post and your pending use of the Small Claims Court – we bought a house from Bellway homes Ltd who refused to allow us to have a building survey completed prior to legal completion – the house is defective with sloping and uneven floors and a bowed weight bearing integral garage wall – can you tell me anything about the misrepresentation?




      1. Hi Liz
        I’m sorry to hear that. Really. Goddamned builders.
        If you Google the words ‘law misrepresentation’, one of the definitions that appears is:
        “Misrepresentation in English contract law and English tort law refers to a situation where a person is induced to enter into a contract entirely or partly by a false assertion (of fact, not opinion or intention) made by the other contracting party”.
        That Bellway refused to allow you to conduct a building survey prior to legal completion is unacceptable, and particularly ominous; it was your prerogative, and an eminently sensible thing to do, as evidenced by the fact that in not doing so, you’ve closed on a defective home.
        I sure hope you at least stated in writing, for the record, Bellway’s refusal to allow you undertake a building survey; perhaps even that you closed the deal under ‘duress’. I am not a lawyer, but in my opinion – Bellway at that stage of the process had all of the power; you would have been left with little choice other than to push through with the deal and legally complete (yes, of course, you had a choice not to complete, but doubtless, that choice was at least equally unattractive and unrealistic at that stage of the game).
        I hope you make mincemeat of them. It’s going to be a long, arduous and hazardous journey I fear, Liz. It always is when the suits (lawyers) get involved; no one ever wins but the lawyer, if only because the emotional toll is very real.
        It’s another one of those ‘choices’, I’m afraid. If it were me, I would sue, but I feel it is absolutely critical that you have something on record, stating that Bellway refused you a building survey prior to completion. This will be your ‘ace’ card. The law will take a very dim view of this fact.
        I’m rooting for you. I’ll check in from time-to-time, just to see if you post with any developments for us all to cheer at.
        Kind regards


  14. Horrendous experience after buying a Barrat home in Jan 2015 in Plymouth . Over 120 faults reported and Barrat refused to remedy any after the first few weeks despite providing an extended 5 year guarantee. NHBC are NOT a regulatory authority so their 10 year guarantee is practically worthless coving only limited construction and the NHBC themselves state ‘we are only an insurance company’ despite their literature encouraging customers to buy. In fact there is no regulation at all for builders. Trading standards won’t involve themselves, neither will any other consumer organisation. I’m faced with a bill for thousands to bring the house up to an acceptable standard including replacing the entire kitchen as the units, from 4 months old are now falling to pieces, or move, or be bankrupted in legal fees by Barrat who at this point are refusing to pay a plumbing invoice for a leaking toilet their own plumber failed to fix after 4 visits that is clearly covered by their warranty but they are spending thousands fighting via the county court.
    Honestly save your money and sanity and avoid these corrupt liars. My life has been ruined and I wish I had never set eyes on the site. Biggest regret of my life and I have bought 3 new builds in the past without issue. They say anything to get a sale then abandon you with sub standard rubbish knowing that customers don’t have the resources to fight their entire legal department for years. I wish I had researched more and ran for the hills and never bought the place.


    1. Hi I understand what is happening on your site, I to wished we had not brought our house in looe, we have structural problems that are now come to light and only have 16 months left on our 5 year warranty…
      Barretts are applying for planing again for phase 2 what a joke Phase 1 is falling apart. Is your MP helping ?


  15. Should us Barratts customers do what
    others have done to other builders and start a large FB Twitter campaign? It has worked for the Bovis customers😱


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